Studio4, the shooting studio with natural daylight concept was designed to fit various types of photography. We care about the beauty of sunlight reflection through camera lens as well as ambience surrounding the studio. Without high-rise building to block the natural light, it makes the setups easier and add positive perspective to the end results. . The building’s high vaulted ceilings, white concrete walls, and large glass windows do not only provide an ideal environment for daylight shoots, but also can be adapted and styled to meet any requirement. Studio4 divided space to the best usage as we provide the crews and guests with large parking space and living room too. ch

One of the outstanding concept of the studio is "DWELL" concept. All of the space can be customizable and set up into home space, including bathroom, living room, stairs for instance. Moreover, the different sort of living forms; condo set, single home, home office or coffee shop. One single corner can be designed into over 500 ideas. We are open to your boundless creative shooting as  you will have fun selecting several props, costumes for your boundless creative shooting. Plus, the walls can be painted as your idea grows. This studio is meant to support "DWELL" shooting as completely as possible. We would love to support you to have fun at work, and be a part of your creativity.